Concert Review: STS9, 11/16

Sound Tribe Sector 9 packed DC’s 9:30 Club this past weekend, just a week after a NJ councilman urinated on innocent Deadheads at the same venue.

Sunday night’s show should have been over Hanukkah-time, because it was quite the festival of lights. The atmosphere of the show was incredible; though filled with wooks, the crowd was not overbearing, and the lightshow coming from the stage was mystical.

The show started out strong, opened by “Hidden Hand, Hidden Fist”. Once the crowd was into it, STS9 settled into their usual groove-funk, playing crowd favorites like “Open E” and “Really, Whut?”.

Though security was not happy with the glow-stick crowd, we kept it strong. With only one set break, the band managed to keep up the energy through a nearly three-hour show. “Peoples”, the final encore, provided a hungry fanbase with a satisfying ending. Though it was a Sunday night, and the crowd seemed filled with college students, there was never a drop in the energy level of either the crowd or the band.

Sound Tribe has never blown me away, although I always expect them to. Their show archives are great, but seeing them live isn’t much different. Though upbeat and fun, STS9 is nothing spectacular in this growing electro-funk genre. Tribe-heads may disagree with me, but I’ve found almost every STS9 show I’ve been to to be oddly similar. The songs are indistinguishable, for the most part, and their fans always look the same. Though fun to dance to…so is the radio. What’s missing from these shows?

Tribe is definitely a group to see, but better at a festival than on a Sunday night as the main attraction. If you are going to go that route anyway, keep your eyes open for the light show – it’s better than glow-sticks!

Setlist, 11/16:
Hidden Hand, Hidden Fist
By The Morning Sun
Open E
Beyond Right Now
Zinn Doctrine
Really, Whut?
Lo Swaga

Sound Tribe is on tour through January 31, with shows all across the United States. Check out their NYE show at The Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA. Peaceblaster, their newest release, came out in July on 1320 Records. Earthliing wants to remind you: Don’t steal music.

One response to “Concert Review: STS9, 11/16

  1. i was there. it was an amazing concert… well worth the trip from brooklyn, ny. they played some good oldies instead of just everything from their new album, so that was amazing. If anyone has any pictures from this show… please PLEASE send them my way, or atleast a link to a website where I can find one. Thanks!

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