Festival News: Langerado lineup…is still TBA

Self-described as “Florida’s most eclectic music festival”, Langerado is one of the 2009’s most highly-anticipated festivals. Rumors about the festival have been circulating since October, and include talks of performances by Pearl Jam, Morrisey, and Daft Punk.

Today was supposed to be the Day of Langerado Days; today, December 8, we were supposed to find out the lineup of Langerado 7. Originally scheduled for announcement in November, Langerado pushed the date to December 8. Now, it’s nearing 6PM EST on the day, and we have yet to hear anything.

According to Consequence of Sound’s Festival Outlook, there are thirteen confirmed acts so far; these include Robert Randolph and the Family Band, Flogging Molly, Matisyahu, and Langerado veterans the Disco Biscuits and Umphrey’s McGee. Randolph was slated to perform at Langerado 6, but backed out at the last minute; however, since that cancellation, he and the Band been confirmed for 2009.

Last week’s announcement of The Disco Biscuits’ Winter 2009 tour lead to much speculation about their presence at this year’s Langerado. The tour is announced through March 6, with information on the last two dates, March 7 and 8, TBA on December 8. Those are the last two days of Langerado. What perfect timing!

Billboard.com reported that festival promoter Ethan Schwartz saw 2009 as the year for change, with not only a change in venue but also in lineup. “From who we’ve booked so far, it’s going to be really fresh…I would say that 75%-80% of the bands have never played the festival before.” Having read that, the confirmation of acts like Umphrey’s McGee and the Disco Biscuits came as surprise; both have performed at three previous Langeradoes, making them seasoned vets.

So, Langerado, what’s the deal? What are we waiting for?

**UPDATE: A statement released on the Langerado website late last night said,

    “We apologize for the delay in announcing the 2009 lineup. Please bear with us while we finalize a few last minute details. We will be announcing our initial 2009 artist lineup at 11am EST on Tuesday December 9th.We appreciate your continued support of Langerado and look forward to another incredible Spring in South Florida!”

It is now 11:31am EST. So, where’s the lineup at? After several frustrating attempts, I was finally able to speak to a publicist yesterday; Megan McFann of Madison House Publicity, the house representing Langerado, assured me the lineup would be out, “at the latest”, by today.

Consequence of Sound phrased it perfectly in their Langerado lack-of-lineup post: “Anyone else feel like they wasted their entire day?”
I definitely do.

The seventh annual Langerado is scheduled to take place from March 6-8, 2009, at Miami’s Bicentennial Park. The festival is being headlined by – oh, right, we still don’t know!

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