Live Nation announces Phish 2009 dates…by accident

phishLive Nation, you’re such a heartbreaker. According to Billboard, the Live Nation website briefly listed a January 30 on-sale date for a June 18 Phish show outside of Pittsburgh.
If Live Nation isn’t just fucking with us, this dates adds a whole new level of speculation; Manchester, TN festival Bonnaroo is going down the weekend prior. It isn’t enough that Mike Gordon, Phish bassist, told the Burlington Free Press, re-reported by Glide Magazine that “My feeling is we’ll probably do stuff in the summer, maybe not right after Hampton.” On the topic of festival rumors, Gordon said, “Now it’s like maybe we don’t have to have our own festival to make great music…maybe we can be even more a part of the music industry than we were before rather than separate from it.”
There are already tickets on-sale for a June 6 show at Massachusetts venue Great Woods on, Ticketmaster‘s ticket resale website.

Phish 2009 tour dates
03.06-03.08 @ Hampton Coliseum – Hampton, VA

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