Oops! 10KLF’s big surprise leaked

10KLFUh oh! 10,000 Lakes Festival’s “biggest announcement ever”, scheduled to be announced at 10am on January 21, has made itself known.
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Umphrey’s McGee to simulcast live tonight

Umphrey’s McGee announced in a press release from earlier today that they have teamed up with Chicago-area radio station WXRT to simulcast tonight’s Mantis release concert. Continue reading

Phish tour dates announced – for real this time

Recently, we reported that someone at Live Nation made a little oopsie in letting out some Phish summer tour dates. It’s okay, though, because the first round of official dates were announced the next day. Continue reading

Live Nation announces Phish 2009 dates…by accident

phishLive Nation, you’re such a heartbreaker. According to Billboard, the Live Nation website briefly listed a January 30 on-sale date for a June 18 Phish show outside of Pittsburgh. Continue reading

Newcomer Emily’s Best of 2008

I’ve had a full week to reflect on all that was last year, and I’ve come to the conclusion that a lot of good came out of 2008. There were solid albums from new acts, great albums from old acts, and some of the down-and-dirtiest shows I’ve ever been to. Here are my Top Ten albums and live shows (that I attended) in the past year. Let me just say that ’09 better bring it if it wants to keep up.

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January playlist

It’s Monday, after all.

This playlist stays on the frontpage until the first Monday of February. Enjoy! Continue reading

Site improvements

“It’s worth a listen” has been improving. The new title and layout, as well as changes to the blog’s format and style, are bringing us toward a bright future. Our most important improvement so far, however, is a new contributor: Emily Williams. Continue reading