Check these out!

Consequence of Sound
A blog that Shayna writes for; a New York- and Chicago-based blog covering world music, festival news, and new artists.
Terrapin Sound
A blog that Emily and Shayna write for; the official blog of the Maryland Music Business Society.
Maryland Music Business Society
Aforementioned Music Business Society. Officially recognized by the University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business, MMBS is one of the Smith School’s only clubs for business and non-business majors alike, and was created by students in order to educate fellow undergraduates about the music business. Students in MMBS host concerts at local venues; attend speaker panels with people in the industry; participate in advertising and marketing within the industry, through the Marketing Committee; write for Terrapin Sound, the official MMBS blog; attend concerts and meet-and-greets with bands, through the Jam Crew; plan industry-related events; and network with musicians and people in the industry from the Baltimore/DC area.
Jam Crew
Official website of the MMBS Jam Crew. Here you can see a calendar of upcoming jam shows in the DC/Baltimore/NorVa area; read the jam crew blog; and tune into the Jam Crew radio show on the “second stream” of the University’s official radio station, WMUC.
Official website of the University of Maryland’s radio station, WMUC 88.1 FM. Hosts archives of shows, as well as show calendars and a calendar of upcoming events.
Certain Songs Music Blog
A music blog written/managed by the editor of Terrapin Sound, Joe Petro.
Music and Arts Blog
Simple; a music and arts blog. Written by self-described “visionaries who still support the genre formerly known as jambands in the NYC area”.
A blog specifically about industry news.
The internet home base for jam music fans; has a great calendar of upcoming/past live shows from all genres, all over the world.
Internet Archive
A great resource for free archives of live shows, available for stream and download.
An online community of music bloggers.
Doctor Trip’s Blog
Show reviews by Doctor Trip.
Buy Phish Tickets
A blog tracking Phish live tour news.
Music Blogs Directory
As it sounds – a music blog directory, serving all of your music blog needs.
damien is listening to…
A great blog with mp3s and new music reviews.
Dave’s Song of the Day
Dave’s choice of songs; one per day, and then it’s retired. A great site for when your iTunes is getting stagnant.

Have a link you’d like to see here? Feel free to e-mail them to me!
If you are an artist and want to be featured on the blog, send me a link to your website/MySpace/Facebook fanpage, etc etc, along with a short bio; I’m creating a separate “Artists” page with musicians my readers might like.
If you send me any music, I will listen to it, and probably write about it–favorably, because I love new music. Catch my drift?


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