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Festival news: Bonnaroo lineup announced, three hours early

Looks like we have something to look forward to! Bonnaroo, located in Manchester, TN, will be going down from June 11-14, and it doesn’t look like something to miss. Catch the lineup after the jump.

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Newcomer Emily’s Best of 2008

I’ve had a full week to reflect on all that was last year, and I’ve come to the conclusion that a lot of good came out of 2008. There were solid albums from new acts, great albums from old acts, and some of the down-and-dirtiest shows I’ve ever been to. Here are my Top Ten albums and live shows (that I attended) in the past year. Let me just say that ’09 better bring it if it wants to keep up.

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“theologians, they don’t know nothing about my soul”

That quote is from “Theologians”, a Wilco song from the album, “A Ghost Is Born”. Find it here.

Something new: I have some slam poetry for ze blog.

Buddy Wakefield performed at my university’s annual “All Niter” last year with his slam poetry group, “Solomon Sparrows Electric Whale Revival”. Unfortunately, I missed it; I spent that night in DC at an Animal Collective concert. That’s unfortunate, because although I didn’t know it then, I’m now aware of how incredible Buddy Wakefield and his contemporaries are. They are a gift to contemporary slam. Visit their website. Continue reading